Bingo 90 Game

Bingo 90 Game
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jackpot liner 90 ball online bingo game
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If you are raring to play 90-ball bingo, look no further. Jackpot Liner’s got the best on the Web. With a great selection of 90-ball bingo rooms, no deposit bingo bonuses and big bingo jackpots up for the taking, it’s no wonder Jackpot Liner is the leader in bingo games on the Web. So what are you waiting for? Get your 90-ball bingo tickets today at Jackpot Liner and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next bingo winner! Getting started at Jackpot Liner is a snap… Simply download the , register your player details and, there you have it, instant access to the highest paying bingo site online.


90-ball bingo is the most popular form of bingo played in the UK. At Jackpot Liner, the Bingo 90 game’s bingo cards have random numbers that range from one to 90. Once the bingo game commences, the Jackpot Liner computer will call out all 90 balls (from a pool of 90 balls) randomly.

As you play, you will see the numbers get marked off of your bingo card as the numbers are automatically called. If the number that is called is on your bingo card, then that number is marked off. You’ll score BINGO and be eligible to win a prize at Jackpot Liner in 90-ball bingo if the pattern on your bingo ticket matches the predetermined winning pattern.

90-Ball Bingo Cards
The bingo tickets sold in Jackpot Liner for 90-ball bingo games have a 3×9 chart of numbers. Each line contains 9 boxes displaying 4 empty spots and 5 numbers.

In 90-ball bingo games, the tickets contain 3 horizontal lines and 9 vertical columns. Because each line contains five numbers, each card has a total of 15 numbers.

Winning Pattern
In 90-ball bingo games at Jackpot Liner, there are three winning patterns that can bring you a win, and each unique pattern has its own prize. At Jackpot Liner, you’ll be eligible to win a prize amount if you get BINGO on any one of the following 3 horizontal line patterns: One Line, Two Line and/or Full House.

Occasionally, players at Jackpot Liner can collect all three prize amounts during one game if they are the first to acquire all 3 patterns.

Bingo Payouts, Prizes & Jackpots
The prize amount in Bingo 90 depends on how many people are playing in the bingo game and how many bingo cards you bought.

All bingo games at Jackpot Liner are played for a Jackpot. The Jackpot amount fluctuates according to hours of play and pre-determined patterns. The first player to hit “BINGO” within a set number of balls wins the jackpot. If no one wins the jackpot, the jackpot is carried over to the next game.

Periodically, a progressive jackpot is also offered in a specified number of bingo games at Jackpot Liner. Jackpot Liner has coined this type of jackpot the “Mega Vault” (aka Bingo Bonanza) Progressive Jackpot and it is played across all participating Leapfrog Gaming sites.

Chat While Playing Bingo!
Jackpot Liner is not just about bingo… Chatting with other players is a great aspect of playing bingo at Jackpot Liner. Live chats take place in all bingo rooms and are administered by Chat Leaders. You can easily start a chat on the chat board by posting a message or similarly close a chat via the click of a button. Chat Leaders at Jackpot Liner are always around to keep things interesting, provide support and chat. Just make sure you catch up on a little first!

Winning Bingo
First place goes to the player that covers any one line pattern, second place goes to the player that correctly marks off any 2 horizontal lines, and the “Full House” winner goes to the player that covers all 3 lines on their ticket.

If the winning pattern matches the pattern on your bingo card, the game ends and your Jackpot Liner username will open up in a display message saying that you are one of the winners of that game and how much you’ve won.

Game Disconnections
Jackpot Liner knows that now and again, Internet connections get interrupted unexpectedly and you may get disconnected when playing a game. If this occurs, the Jackpot Liner system will continue to auto-daub for you and credit your account with any prizes you may have won while you were away.

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